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We are in the remote western part of Mongolia and it is still one of the most unreached countries in the world. Sometimes, we think that people around the world know about Jesus thru TV and internet, but there are places where there is no electricity, and people live in gers (urta), in a vast land of steppe. We’ve been here for five years ministering to these people. It used to be a part of the soviet empire and you, in some degree, feel the soviet influence but in that vacuum that was created after soviet ideology, came in shamanism, Buddhism, so we can say that people are messed up in their minds and especially, we worry about children, who are raised in this environment because the future of Mongolia is related to these kids.
Mission Eurasia serves in this vast territory in order to bring a new future for the country where. That’s why we are investing in the young generation of Mongolian people and also in leaders through school without walls initiative, training how to lead, training nationals how to lead so that they will serve effectively to their own people. What is unique about this camp is that the national leaders are organizing and running the camp, and so we and the teams from Siberia they are here just to help local leaders.
I think many countries that have been liberated from the soviet ideology or influence, first generation is receiving the gospel somebody came here and shared the gospel and they were gaining and they were thankful for that. But the second generation of Christians here need to give / serve—I’m talking about local national leaders who need to teach and train others and formulate create national teams of ministry.

We see that in Mongolia there are a lot of changes, there are a number of people who stick to those traditions and you can hardly change those traditions but young people, especially kids, they are open, they are malleable, its like clay in your hands, you can still form, it is a kind of material, that you can create something out of it so we prefer to work with those who are teachable, open to changes, so we need to invest in those kinds of people. Because what footprint you will leave in their lives, in this fresh clay, that will remain till the end.
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